Heroes Battle


Tired of those cloned pushbuttons games? Want to be part of the action? Think Different and become a hero today !

Battle your friends, family, coworkers and other real world players in this Heroes Multiplayer Online Game as you compete to be the most powerful or trendy hero/villain in the world.

Ever wanted to throw a fireball, control someones mind or maybe just fly? You have all of these powers inside you. Use your powers in this turn by turn battle based on bluff and block strategy. It’s pure emotion!

Start out as a simple human and work your way up to become the new URBAN HERO of the world with your OWN UNIQUE appearance.

Join Us today !

Connect with the world

Heroes Battle has a thriving community. Interact and socialize with like-minded players all over the globe. Use in-game chat to get to know your opponents and make new friends. Enter the forum to help enhance the game or simply to share your passion. Heroes Battle is a living game run by accessible people who are also players themselves.

Epic Online Battle

Battle against skilled super heroes with powers like Inferno, Mind stealer, Ice age, Rage and other awesome powers. Heroes Battle feature a Real turn by turn strategic battles between good and evil. Acquire and develop a variety of powers and gears to form an unbeatable strategy, then use those powers strategically to claim victory over your opponent! You control the outcome of every battle! Fight your way up the rankings against top players from your states, country and the world! And once you control the ranking we do organize special events held throughout the year (tournament, Males Vs females …).

Create YOUR Hero or Villain

CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOK and COSTUME to match your new identity. Customize your look with new hairstyles, shirts, outfits, awesome fireballs and Claws to become your own unique super hero, and create your hero or villain costume to your own vision. With regularly updated costume items, the only limitations are your own imagination.really.

 Play Solo

Hours of online solo options make this game uniquely diverse. Missions and the XSchool enable you to PLAY SOLO AND travel worldwide on a real google MAP! Battle crime lords and powerful monsters also gain experience and super bucks to upgrade and level up your super hero. To become the most powerful Hero or Villain of the world.


Universal App regularly updated

Play on your favorite device! Support iphone, ipod and Ipad! This is an universal apps that work on all your device! yes, you read it right,  no need to buy again another apps for your iPad or iPhone, it’s already supported. Heroes Battle is updated every month or so with new features and bug fixes!




Heroes Battle is a living game

With the help of our players, we keep improving the gameplay and adding new elements to our game. The forum is the place where the players can directly discuss with the main game designer , Blitz. So if you have any idea or special wish concerning Heroes Battle, or just want to talk with the team or other players, you’re welcome!

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